high fashion in raincouture

How about going on a journey again? In one of our amazing metropolises London, New York, Paris…Grab your bags, be off and away.

Getting the right partner for company is vital for any journey.

Someone to protect you, give you a feeling of security, to always leave you looking good, to whom the weather does not matter at all, and who never leaves your side.

And if it’s the weather that is really enervating, this companion brings a smile to your face and cheers the world around you.

A problem of plenty with the J´Drop rain couture collection. It is a challenge picking a model as your personal companion, but the only one you’ll ever have!

What goes into every model is a blend of luxury, unique textile designs, high quality processing coupled with functionality and the 3 D design, aimed at creating what is now an established, unmistakable recall value. This design is the crowning glory of the story around every individual textile design.

And this is how weather gear takes on a whole new meaning: High Fashion in J´Drop rain couture.

Bon voyage with your personal It item of ‘J´Drop accoutrement!